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Apple Drinking Its Own “Revolutionary” Kool-Aid

June 8, 2012

As much as I like seeing a marketer in charge, this recent article in Business Insider about Schiller raises many areas of concern about Apple that I’ve noted myself over the last several months.

Every time I go to the Apple site and see the word “Revolutionary” next to “iPad 3” I think “Darn it – no it’s NOT.”

I mean, it’s a great product, but the 3 is in no way a revolutionary improvement on the 2. And, unless we count a forward facing camera, more memory and less weight as “revolutionary,”(I don’t)  you couldn’t make that claim about the iPad 2 either.

Now, the iPad 1 – yeah, it was revolutionary with no quotes. But that was two years ago. And in the tech space, that’s not too soon to be asking Apple: “Yeah, but what have you done for me lately?”

Marketers are always at risk of accidentally ingesting their own Kool-Aid. But you need to be able to substantiate your claims. “Revolutionary” is a pretty bold claim. And small, incremental product improvements are NOT “revolutionary.”

And, if I can step back into my previous role as equity research analyst — and while we’re talking about short signals — what’s with the dividend? Dividends from high-beta companies are basically a message to the market saying: “We don’t have any big ideas to invest in right now so we’re giving you back some money – enjoy!”

That doesn’t seem like a Steve Jobs move. Or revolutionary.

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